Bergen Historical Society Comes to the Office of the Bergen County Clerk

John S. Hogan and the Office of the Bergen County Clerk opened its doors on a recent Saturday to welcome approximately 50 members of the Bergen County Historical Society. The workshop included breakfast, document viewing, discussions and a guest speaker.

One of the more popular items made available for viewing was the “Shuyler Patent Map”. Dated April 25, 1710, it is one of the oldest maps in existence in Bergen County. Of particular interest to observers were the measurement in links and chains instead of feet and inches, and the American Indian names and spelling of the Passaik (Passaic) and Romopue (Ramapo) Rivers.  

Guest speaker Joseph Grabas, Director of the Grabas Institute for Continuing Education, spoke with members and employees throughout the morning.  Topics covered included, “Good Deeds: Unearthing your Ancestors in the Land Records” and Public Burials on Private Grounds”.  For more information regarding the Grabas Institute, visit their website at